Indonesian Sumatra Vanilla Extract


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Indonesia Pompona single

Vanilla beans are relatively new and much more rare, making these vanilla beans difficult to obtain. Indonesia is the second largest producer of vanilla beans in the world, just behind Madagascar. Sumatra Indonesian Vanilla beans are sure to enhance any culinary creation.  A sweet extract.

A buttery & strong vanilla, hints of floral & mocha. Rare & difficult to obtain. Flavor of plumbs, raisins, bold earthy & mocha. For cooking, the caviar of this bean is a perfect addition to homemade ice cream, fruit-based pastries, creams and frostings.  Made with Vodka

Hand made in North Dakota

Our vanillas and spices are crafted in North Dakota from the finest, hand-selected beans and trusted by passionate bakers. All our products are made from non-GMO, Gluten-free, organic ingredients, no added refined sugar, no added artificial colors or flavors, sulfates-ffree, vegan, and mostly Kosher.