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  • Is Gourmet Vanilla 'n' Spice Extract pure vanilla extract? What does that mean?

Artificial Vanilla can’t replicate the complexity of over 200 compounds found in Natural Vanilla Beans. There is no real clear vanilla, this is always an artificial vanilla, as no vanilla is clear.

“PURE” Vanilla by FDA Standards. To use Pure, FDA requires a minimum of 13.35 oz vanilla beans to a gallon of minimum 35% alcohol & 65% water. After that “Pure” extract producers can add sugar, corn syrup, caramel colors. Stabilizers, & other additives to sweeten the extract further. So long as the alcohol content & vanilla bean weight stay the same, it remains “pure” by FDA standard. FDA does not require all vanilla extract additives be listed on the label.

Virtually every “Pure” extract producer dilutes & adulterates their vanilla to some extent.

We at Vanilla ‘n’ Spice are very pure vanilla from quality gourmet grade A vanilla beans. We follow strict quality control. Never use grade B or Extract vanilla beans. And did you know there is a big difference in the Brands of the same spirits. We know what Labels rank A to F, and we only use A+ Spirits for optimum results.

  • How long will my order take to be delivered?

Please note that even though our couriers are working really hard to get your orders delivered on time, some goods that are marked as next day delivery may be delivered within 48 hours. International deliveries may take between 2 -3 days to arrive.

  • How long do your vanilla extracts last? (Shelf life?)

Our extracts can have a shelf life of many years, when stored at room temperature. Since they are made with aged, fine spirits and the beans are left inside, the vanilla flavor will continue to be extracted over time. Hence, like a fine wine, ours actually become better with age. Once opened, and over time, if you notice a cloudy color or increased sediment at the bottom of the bottle, that is just gravity pulling down the flavor matter. Simply shake the bottle and continue use.

  • Can you help me understand what vanilla extract is?

There are roughly 300 distinct flavor compounds in a vanilla bean. Yet, ironically, a newly-plucked vanilla bean doesn’t smell much like vanilla. Its inherent taste and fragrance are part of its “essential oils”. The oils themselves must be extracted before we enjoy their benefits. Alcohol is a natural extrapolator that dissolves the bean’s essential oils and keeps them in suspension.

Many “pure” vanilla extract producers have found that they can use cheap alcohol (like corn or sugar alcohol used in “moonshine”) to keep their prices low. They also use sugars and/or corn syrup to sweeten the flavor. But the right kind of alcohol can enhance the true, inherent flavor of each vanilla bean, thereby accentuating the bean’s 300+ flavor compounds. Though it is more expensive, an aged vodka, bourbon or white rum will extract and enhance the true, authentic taste of the vanilla bean. Thus bringing a more bold and defined vanilla profile to your pastries, creams & desserts. Don’t forget, the FDA dictates that "pure extract" must be at least 35% alcohol in order to be called a “pure extract". 

  • Why is Vanilla ‘n’ Spice Extracts worth trying over well known brands and local store extracts?

Vanilla ‘n’ Spice extracts and vanilla extracts are as pure as they come. Only top quality gourmet grade A vanilla beans and top shelf spirits are used, never any additives, water or sugar.

  • Why should I try Vanilla ‘n’ Spice, Spice Blends?

Our Spice Blends are preblended with fresh, imported spices saving you from buying all the individual ingredients/ spices and the time to make your own, saving you both time & money. Adding wonderful flavor to your meats and vegetables, creating interesting, flavorful special meals. Adding that something secret & special to your famous recipes.

  • Why Rooibos Tea?

For the many health benefits, among one being 10x more antioxidants than green tea, or even oolong tea. Great flavors made hot or iced tea. Naturally sweet, not bitter and always caffeine free.

  • Why use flavored extracts instead of vanilla?

Enhancing the flavor or complimenting it, such as Blueberry extract added to Blueberry muffins, Cranberry/Orange extract to a cranberry orange bread, Cinnamon extract to French toast or waffles.

  • Are flavorings or extracts used in anything besides baking?

Adding additional flavor such as Mocha to your coffee, fruit flavor to smoothies, Cajun in a marinate to grill chicken, Pineapple as a glaze for Salmon, and so much more.

  • I usually use Madagascar vanilla from the store. Why should I try a different vanilla?

There are different peppers, apples, cheese, even chocolates. There are different flavors of vanillas from dark, bold smokey to a fruity, floral, sweet vanillas. It depends on what your recipe is as to which vanilla would be best to compliment it. You don’t just use one spice or herb in your cupboard for all recipes, why use only one vanilla for everything?

  • I understand Mexican Is the best vanilla, is this true?

Not really. Again, certain countries or regions produce different vanillas, some are used by Gourmet & Pastry Chefs in 5 Star Restaurants around the World. Mexico just happens to be close for American’s to visit & purchase. However, even in Mexico, there is a variety of vanillas by the regions in that country.

  • I found on Pinterest, I can make my own vanilla, just a couple Grade B vanilla beans in a less expensive alcohol and it’s ready in 6 wks or 3 months. Sounds easy.

I’ve researched and learned from very experienced extract makers. I choose only Gourmet Grade A vanilla beans as they’re plump with more caviar (vanilla bean seeds), and oils. Whereas, grade B vanilla beans are dry, less oil, not plump, so also less caviar. Then some lower, cheaper alcohols leave the vanilla with a medicinal or metallic taste. Your vanilla is only as good as the spirits you use to make it. Again, I use only Top Shelf spirits. A gentleman took several brands of the same alcohols to make several batches of vanillas. He then graded by the resulting vanilla extract, giving each alcohol brand from A+ to F. I always, exclusively use A+ spirits for the best vanilla extracts. I’m cautious as to what I follow, I want to know the experience behind the recipe or advice.

  • Why does it take so long to make your vanilla and extracts?

Again, I follow the FDA standard ratio of % Alcohol to number of vanilla beans by ounce. Then I store my jars in a cool, dark location (away from furnace, kitchen and sun heat sources). I shake my jars weekly ( a few times a week in the beginning). After the jars have steeped for 12 months (18 months for Bourbon based), I test the extracts and when it’s “Vanilla”, I bottle it. I like to add a small piece of the vanilla bean & some caviar (seeds) to each bottle. Anything after only a few weeks or a couple months is only colored Vodka, not yet Vanilla.

  • Do you add sugar or corn syrup to your Vanilla extracts?

Never, not even water. My vanillas are purest only the vanilla bean & spirits, 2 ingredients, never any additives. However, the FDA allows companies to add without listing ingredients, used to make their vanilla stronger or sweeter. Are you aware of Castoreum? The FDA regards castoreum as “natural flavoring.” This is a brown goo, that smells like vanilla, that is taken from a gland of Beavers, this gland is located near the anal glands. This has been used as a food additive for much of the last century. ( article “Beaver Butts Emit Goo Used for Vanilla Flavoring”) I do NOT use Castoreum or any additives in my vanilla extract.

  • Do you have clear vanilla (or white) extract?

No, as this is an artificial vanilla, as no real vanilla from vanilla beans is ever clear.

  • Is your vanilla Gluten Free?

Yes, actually ALL real vanilla is gluten free. Even if an alcohol is from wheat, rye or barley, it’s been distilled 5x-7x which removes any gluten, as Top shelf alcohols. I don’t raise my price for gluten free, as all my vanilla extracts are gluten free. Also Vegan, NonGMO, Kosher, No added sugar, corn syrup, or any additives.

  • Do you sell Vanilla in larger bottles?

At this time, I only offer 1 oz and 2 oz sies to make it easier to try different vanillas and keep the price down. Vanilla beans range from $16/oz to $60/oz, so the price of the vanilla extracts have a wide range in price. As well as the spirits, Vodka, Bourbon, Rums, Brandy, Cognac, Tequila and Everclear also range in prices. So a Mexican vanilla bean in each of these alcohols will have different prices as well. My most expensive is Tongan vanilla beans at $60/oz in Kirk & Sweeney Run at $60/bottle. It takes 1 oz of vanilla beans per 8 oz of alcohol to produce FDA approved vanilla extracts.

  • Can you drink Vanilla like flavored Vodka’s or Rums?

No, but you can taste test vanilla by adding a couple drops of vanilla to a TBSP of whole milk or cream, stir well, after a minute, taste the flavor.

  • Do you use floored Alcohols to make flavored Extracts?

No, with exception of Coconut Rum used for coconut flavoring exclusively. And a Spiced Rum or Caramel Kissed Vodka in specific recipes. Other flavored spirits leave a bad aftertaste, not a vanilla flavor, even a medicinal or metallic taste.

  • Do you use the same method with flavored Extracts?

I use the same high quality spirits, organic fruits, spices or nuts. Still the same process of shaking jars and storing in cool dark location while it steeps into extract. However, these flavored extracts are often finished in 3-6-9 months. And the fruits are changed out every 3-6 weeks so they don’t get bitter & ruin the extract.

  • Do you use Sous Vide method?

Sometimes, it processes then still needs to sit 3 months on a shelf before it’s finished. However that does shorten the normal 18 months needed when using Bourbon.

  • What jars do you use?

I use canning jars. Quarts and Half Gallon sizes unless I’m doing a Sous Vide batch, then half or whole pint sizes. These jars can be sealed so they don’t leak, and can be stacked if needed.

  • What is Single, Double, Triple Fold?

Single is the FDA standard for 1 oz vanilla bean to 8 oz of alcohol. Yes I make all 3, mostly single fold, then more double than triple fold. Yes, you use the same amount in your recipe, it simply adds more in-depth flavor.

  • What countries of vanilla beans do you have?

Papua New Guinea and Popondetta and Kerma from this country. Mexico, also including Yucatan, Veracruz and Mayan. Indonesia Papua and Sumatra and Jayapura. Madagascar and Sambava. Cook Islands, Tahitian and True Tahiti, Republic of Congo, Tonga, Ugandan, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Sri Lankan, Malabar India, Comoros, Costa Rican, Tanzania, Vanuatu, and soon Samoan. I also make most of these in 2 or more alcohols. And then there is the “Mother Jar” which is a combination of vanilla beans together.

  • My question for YOU … What are you looking for in Vanillas, Flavored Extracts or Spice Blends? What are YOU curious about, that I may not have answered here.

Please go to our contact page and send us your answer.

  • Do you use Sous Vide method?

Sometimes, it processes then still needs to sit 3 months on a shelf before it’s finished. However that does shorten the normal 18 months needed when using Bourbon.