Our signature line of vanilla products are crafted from the finest, hand-selected beans and trusted by passionate bakers.

Sweeteners: Vanilla infused honey, sugars, paste & powder

Vanilla infused light honey, sugars, even salts.  Subtle, vanilla flavor as you add to sweeten your pies, baked goods, smoothies, even coffee or tea.

Vanilla powder can be used in replace of vanilla extract.  Great for recipes with a delicate balance of dry & liquid, such as French Macarons.  Powder is all beans, nothing added.

Vanilla Paste is a little sweeter than vanilla extract.  Great added to any recipe including ice cream.

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Vanilla Sugar, Pumpkin SpiceVanilla Sugar, Pumpkin Spice
Vanilla Infused Honey sweetenerVanilla Infused Honey sweetener
Vanilla Bean PasteVanilla Bean Paste
Vanilla Bean PowderVanilla Bean Powder
Vanilla Orange Sugar & Vanilla Lemon SugarVanilla Orange Sugar & Vanilla Lemon Sugar