Why so many Vanilla's? Aren't they all the same?

Dec 27, 22
Why so many Vanilla's?  Aren't they all the same?

There are several types of salt, paprika, cinnamon, and so many more spices and herbs that come from different areas around the world.  Yes, the same is with Vanilla beans. 

They take on their flavor profile by where they are growing, as in rain forest areas or volcanic soil, near fruits or flowers.  So the soil, temps and amount of sun, even the water will also create the individual profiles of flavors in  Vanilla beans.

A Light and Sweet flavor profile would be with Hawaiian, Madagascar, Equator, Tahitian and Indonesian. 

 A Buttery and Creamy flavor profile would be with Hawaiian, Madagascar and Mexican and Indonesian.

A Bold and Fruity profile with Tongan, Sri Lankan, Ugandan and Equator, Tahitian and Indonesian.

And finally a Dark and Earthy profile with Mexican, Indonesian, Tongan, Sri Lankan, Ugandan.

You see they over lap on the flavor profiles, so Hawaiian is both Light & Sweet also Buttery and Creamy.

As you scroll through the various vanilla extracts I have, you'll see a description to help you decide.  Are you making ice cream, Baking, using for a marinate or glaze on meats, in stew, chili, coffee or smoothies? 

Gourmet Vanilla 'n'  Spice is working on back labels with flavor profile and suggested uses to make it easier after you've purchased to remember which goes with "foods" or "desserts". 

We'll also be launching a 4 ounce bottle, this is my "mother jar" blend of several similar vanilla beans to create a wonderful blend that can be used for most generic recipes.  The size will be larger (doubled) and price will be smaller.  However, this will not include the expensive vanilla beans.  They will remain exclusive and 2 oz size, and unfortunately with the rise of prices of all foods, and  Vanilla beans being the 2nd most expensive spice next to saffron. the prices are reflected by what's available from each country and region. 

And during the holidays, at Pride of Dakota, we launched our exclusive "Diamond Collection" in a larger bottle, Tongan & Hawaiian, and next year we'll be adding Samoan.  These 3 are our fanciest Vanilla Extracts.  A great idea for someone who loves to cook and bake,  who's hard to buy for because they have everything.  And a wonderful gift for a Bridal shower or Wedding gift also.

Go beyond the basic recipes  often your baked goods or ice cream, and experiment adding the right type vanilla by the flavor profile, to your recipes.  I recently added a smoky vanilla to a chili, and it was amazing!  I've also added a bold vanilla to the inside and outside of a rotisserie chicken and a roasted turkey, again, a wonderful addition to both meats.

When you create a new recipe, we'd love for you to share at least the photo and how it turned out. And if your willing, we'd love to share your recipe with us also.  You can send it to me in Messenger on Face Book as well.

Enjoy several types of vanilla's in your spice cabinet, to enjoy the various flavor profiles in your favorite recipes, this will become your secret ingredient. 

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