What Is Rooibos Tea? The Benefits of This Superfood

Jun 28, 22
What Is Rooibos Tea? The Benefits of This Superfood

Rooibos tea is a sweet, floral-herbal tea that hails from South Africa. With its red and green hues, you may mistake rooibos for another type of herb: red pandanus or green pandan leaves. But don’t be fooled by its appearance; this unique tea has properties that set it apart from other herbs and make it an excellent addition to your diet. If you haven’t already heard of rooibos tea, it’s because it’s relatively new to the western market. This herb has been used in South Africa for centuries but only recently has become popular outside of that region. There are many potential benefits of drinking rooibos tea regularly. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider incorporating this drink into your routine.


Where Rooibos comes from

Rooibos is made from the leaves of the "Aspalathus linearis" plant. The leaves are harvested and dried, then finely ground to create a powder for easy brewing or steeping; it’s naturally caffeine free and low in tannins, making it a safe alternative to traditional teas or coffees for those with mild stomach sensitivities or allergies. The flavor is earthy with a slight sweetness that makes it easily drinkable anytime of day!



Calming and relaxation benefits

Another health benefit of rooibos tea is its ability to promote relaxation. The chemicals found in this beverage induce a feeling of calm that may help you ease into a restful state. If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress, the calming effect of rooibos tea may be beneficial. Rooibos tea contains flavonoids, a compound known to promote relaxation and lower stress levels. Rooibos tea may also help with sleep issues and insomnia. The calming compounds in this beverage may help you drift into a restful slumber. If you have difficulty falling asleep, rooibos tea may be an effective natural remedy.


May have immune-boosting properties

Research has shown that rooibos tea may have immune-boosting properties and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight off infections like colds or the flu. Rooibos tea may also help remove toxins from the body and improve liver function.


Rooibos tea has been used for centuries by indigenous people in South Africa as a medicinal beverage to promote wellness. It's rich in antioxidants, which can help your body fight off free radicals that damage your skin and cause signs of aging.


It’s caffeine-free.

One of the biggest benefits of rooibos tea is that it’s caffeine-free. If you’re sensitive to caffeine or you want to avoid it for other reasons, rooibos tea is for you. Caffeine is found in many different beverages and foods, including coffee, black tea, and certain sodas. Rooibos tea, on the other hand, is a great caffeine-free alternative to many common drinks. Because of its low caffeine content, rooibos tea is also safe for children. Rooibos tea has zero milligrams of caffeine per cup, so you can enjoy the health benefits without feeling jittery or anxious.


Best ways to enjoy Rooibos tea

When you’re ready to try rooibos tea, keep these serving suggestions in mind. Rooibos tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, so you can enjoy a steaming cup in the morning or a chilled glass after a long day. Rooibos tea can be enjoyed alone or paired with scones or muffins. It may also be used in recipes, such as in a smoothie or baked good. If you’re curious to try rooibos tea but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas. Rooibos tea is delicious with a little honey or agave nectar. If you like, you can add a splash of lemon juice or a dash of cinnamon. You can even blend your rooibos tea with other ingredients to create a delicious smoothie!


Tip: How to Make Rooibos Tea


To make a cup of rooibos tea, you’ll need:

  • A cup or mug
  • A spoon for stirring
  • A teabag or loose leaf rooibos tea
  • Hot water (170 degrees) for steeping (if using a teabag)
  • Sugar or honey (optional) for sweetening (if using loose leaf rooibos tea)


Follow these steps:


  1. Place 1 teaspoon of loose leaf rooibos tea or one teabag in a cup or mug. If you’re using a loose leaf bag, use a spoon to fill it with 1–2 teaspoons of loose leaf rooibos tea. If you’re using a teabag, tear open the top and pour out the contents into the mug with hot water. Fill it halfway with hot water.
  2. Let the tea steep for 3–5 minutes if you’re using loose leaf rooibos tea, or according to the directions on the package if you’re using a teabag.
  3. Stir in sugar or honey to sweeten, if desired.


The bottom line

Rooibos tea is a delicious herbal beverage that’s rich in antioxidants, rich in vitamins, and low in caffeine. It’s also naturally rich in minerals, as well as being naturally gluten-free and vegan. Rooibos tea is a great option for those who want to avoid caffeine or for pregnant women who want to avoid caffeine. If you’re looking for a tasty beverage that’s good for you, rooibos tea is a great option. And the best part is, you can enjoy it any time of day! Whether you enjoy it hot or cold, at work or at home, this beverage is sure to please.

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