Let's go NUTS together!

Jul 29, 22
Let's go NUTS together!

Nut Butter Information

There is nothing better than pure nut butter… no added sugars, oils, salts, just the nuts or a combination of nuts.   You really don’t know nut butter, until you’ve tasted a nut butter made with just nuts.  Now, take that a step further, what’s your favorite nuts?  Do you know how really healthy nuts are for you?  Who needs nutritional supplements and vitamins when you can add a nut butter to your favorite smoothie, smoothie bowl, oatmeal breakfast, fresh bread or toast, not to mention, strait off the spoon.  Here are some interesting facts about 12 nuts, and yes, we create nut butters from them all.  My favorite is to blend some nuts together, maybe add some fruit bits to stir in at the end, or some spices to blend in after the butter is made.  We at Gourmet Vanilla ‘n’ Spice, make our nut butters to order.  They are as fresh as it comes.  Nothing sitting on shelves in warehouse.  We don’t use any preservatives, no added artificial anything.  Because of this, our nut butters are only offered locally to Bismarck North Dakota area during the summer hot months.  To ship during the hot temperatures in a metal box semi for days… would ruin the nut butter, it would arrive melted and bad.  SO, we do offer it as a seasonal item, during winter months when temps are cooler.  A wonderful treat for school, work lunch, after school healthy snack, to use baking peanut butter cookies (any nut butter can replace the peanut butter), and adding it to banana bread batter, mouth watering yummy!  So, lets jump in and see what your favorite nuts have to offer.

ALMOND Same protein as peanut butter & 7x more calcium & 50% more magnesium helps lower LDL cholesterol.  Taste is mild, creamy, easy to spread.  Use as substitute for butter or oil in baked goods, makes soup thicker in smoothies, dips, salad dressing, on celery.  Has a rich nutty taste, high in fat, small amounts of carbohydrates& proteins.

PEANUT BUTTER (smooth) Globally sold $3.4 Billion in 2021.  High protein & high poly * mono unsaturated fats to lower cholesterol.  Taste is rich, creamy.  Use in PB, spreads, dips (veg & fruit) substitute for tahini in hummus, in oatmeal, smoothies, baking, ice cream, pies, shakes, granola, pizza, bars, chicken, stew and curries

COCONUT BUTTER has tons of Louric Acid (energy & lowers cholesterol) high saturated fats & calories.  Taste is mild, creamy, tropical.  Use swap for butter in any recipe for healthy vegan alternative.

SUNFLOWER SEED BUTTER (has NO nuts or peanut allergy free) has more fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, Zinc, Copper than other nut butters, and Selenium (reduces cholesterol).  Taste is just like sunflower seeds.  Use blend in sauce or salad dressing.

HAZELNUT BUTTER has lots of protein, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, copper.  Taste is rich, nutty flavor, mild sweet & creamy.  Use in baked goods or spread, in hot chocolate, smoothies & cream topping.

SOY NUT BUTTER (Not Nut) near the same protein as peanut butter, all essential amino acids & unsaturated fats.  Taste not as strong, savory, creamy.  Use swap for recipes to be peanut free.

MACADAMIA BUTTER is high in unsaturated fats, low in protein.  Taste is floral, buttery, tropical.  Use instead of butter as spread, with sweeter cheeses & fruits, creamy topping in desserts, dips, spread, in mild creamy curry.

PUMPKIN SEED BUTTER (Not your Halloween pumpkin seeds) higher than other nut butters in zinc, protein.  Taste very nutty, super easy to spread.  Use substitute in recipes, mix with honey as a spread

PISTACHIO BUTTER (greenish in color) lower in fat & about the same protein as peanut butter, totally cholesterol free, lots of potassium, fiber & copper for strong bones & connective tissue.  Taste is herbal & bitter.  Use blend with cheeses & creams for dips or spread, in desserts, as a base for pesto recipe.

WALNUT BUTTER not high protein, super high in Omega 3 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory (for arthritis, auto immune disease), higher fat – runny, Alpha-linolenic acid-omega 3.  Use pair with sweet flavors like chocolate / cinnamon, in dips, soups, stews, in veggie burgers it adds binding & nutty texture.

CASHEW BUTTER High monounsaturated fats (keeps bad cholesterol down) 80% daily copper, lower in calcium but lots of magnesium, oleic acid for a healthy heart & biotin for strong hair, nails, skin.  Taste is light, sweet, easy to spread.  Use in sauces, curry, vegan alternative to cream cheese & sour cream.

BRAZIL NUT BUTTER High selenium (reduces cholesterol), high fat.  taste is rich, creamy, similar to coconut.  Use in dip for vegi’s, spread, smoothies.

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