Grade A Madagascar Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla —the gold standard of vanilla worldwide

Sep 01, 23
Grade A Madagascar Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla —the gold standard of vanilla worldwide



  • Madagascar vanilla (also called bourbon vanilla). A creamy and rich vanilla bean. This tends to be the most popular choice and is one of the easiest to find. If the store doesn’t specify what type of vanilla you’re getting, it’s probably from Madagascar.
  • Madagascar vanilla is stronger and more aromatic

Buy gourmet Madagascar vanilla, the most widely used and recognized vanilla bean in the world. Madagascar vanilla beans consistently set the example for world class vanilla. The flavor, aroma and appearance all create an iconic vanilla bean experience that have help make vanilla, the most beloved flavor in the world. Madagascar has greatly contributed to status by producing an average of -80 percent of the worlds supply of vanilla in a given season. Vanilla from Madagascar is the traditional vanilla in ice creams, extracts, cakes, candies, and other vanilla flavored desserts and baked goods. Also,  are perfect for flans, gelato, icings, and just about anything that calls for a high-quality vanilla flavor.

Grade A vanilla beans from Madagascar are commonly referred to as Bourbon vanilla beans. A common misconception is that dishes containing "bourbon vanilla", call for both bourbon and vanilla. While this might occasionally be the case, they are usually referring to the gourmet Madagascar Vanilla Beans. This term is synonymous for the Bourbon Vanilla Beans, named after the islands it originally came from, The Bourbon Islands (now known as the Reunion). Bourbon Vanilla Bean commonly references the specific variety of vanilla produced from the vanilla planifolia species of vanilla orchid.

The flavor of grade A gourmet vanilla from Madagascar is rich, deep, and creamy. Madagascar vanilla has undertones that are sweet and buttery, sure to please the palate. Vanilla beans from Madagascar are well-suited for everyday baking recipes, drinks, and desserts.

Bourbon vanilla is ideal for custards, cream bases, vanilla extract and so much more

  • Our beans are always sustainably sourced, all-natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • These vanilla beans were awarded kosher certification by EarthKosher

Introducing our USDA Certified Organic Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans, the gold standard of vanilla, sourced from the lush and fertile region of Madagascar, an island paradise renowned for its exceptional climate and unique biodiversity. These exquisite beans are hand-selected for their superior quality, tantalizing flavor profile, and enchanting aroma, making them the ultimate choice for discerning chefs and passionate home cooks alike. Upon opening the package, you'll be greeted by the unmistakable, rich aroma of our Madagascar Vanilla Beans, characterized by their deep, creamy sweetness and delicate hints of butter. This captivating fragrance sets the stage for the unparalleled flavor experience that awaits.

Vanilla beans originated in Mexico and are sun cured for months using the traditional drying method. They are now found all over the world from places like Madagascar to Indonesia to Papa New Guinea PNG farms. Gourmet Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are the highest quality beans in the world and have an incredible flavor profile. The scent consists of a heavenly buttery aroma with a rich, black or dark brown color and an oily outside surface. The interior of the bean is where the magic is at and consists of millions of black, tiny vanilla seeds that are waiting to be scraped out.

Our beans are traditionally cured using the Bourbon curing method to develop the full, complex vanilla flavor made of over 200 organic compounds that artificial vanilla (Natural Vanilla Flavor WONF) cannot properly replicate. The entire process takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months after pollination and our farmers in the SAVA region have turned vanilla processing and curing into a true art. This region remains the industry quality benchmark for producing planifolia (the species of vanilla found in Madagascar) vanilla with high vanillin content.

Our grade A vanilla beans are ~5 - 6 inches in length and are handpicked to ensure proper qualities. There are so many recipes that can be created with these magical beans! They are perfect for making homemade vanilla extract or KAHLUA, home cooking or baking, desserts such as vanilla bean ice cream, cake, cupcakes, or cookies and are a top choice of professional chefs for making desserts such as Creme Brulee. Our beans are also a top pick for home brewers or those who own a brewery!

Beans we use are


Organic, USDA, Vegan, Gluten Free, Halal, Non-GMO ,Kosher


Extract Taste:

buttery, creamy , fruity

Recommended Extract Spirit:

Vodka, Rums, Bourbons, Brandy


Extract Making, Baking, Cooking, Breweries, Cocktails


Works well with apples, fish, ice cream, melon, milk, peaches, pears and strawberries.

These Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans are certified by SCS Global Services as organic. Madagascar exports about 80% of the world’s supply of Bourbon vanilla, instantly recognizable and loved by bakers and chefs around the globe.

The island country produces vanilla from the genus Vanilla Planifolia, which has a higher concentration of vanillin than beans from other regions. Madagascan vanilla is mainly grown in the humid northern parts of the tropical island, known as the Sava region. This is where you’ll find Black vanilla, the finest quality vanilla beans in the world. Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans have a higher-than-average water and oil content and an abundance of seeds.

Madagascar is famous for producing high-quality vanilla beans, which are widely used in the food industry and in the production of various consumer products. The vanilla beans from Madagascar are known for their rich and creamy flavor, with notes of caramel, cherry, and almond. They are also characterized by their plump, oily appearance and their distinctive aroma.

Madagascar vanilla beans are typically harvested by hand when they are fully ripe and have developed their full flavor and aroma. They are then cured and dried in the sun, which helps to develop their complex flavor profile. The curing process can take several weeks and involves a series of steps, including blanching, sweating, and drying.

Divine Aromas and Flavoring

The vanilla beans from Sava, Madagascar are characterized by their rich, dark and creamy with an overwhelming sweet, buttery aroma. sweet, earthy, undertones of dried dark fruits. They are also known for their long and plump shape, which is a sign of high quality.

Overall, Madagascar vanilla beans are highly prized for their rich flavor, distinctive aroma, and versatility in the kitchen and beyond.

Finally, with Gourmet Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans at $7.50 PER BEAN, or 8 oz for a single batch at $90, you can see where vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world (next to Safron being most expensive).  Then we only use tested & proven for top quality extracts, we use top shelf spirits, with Grey Goose vodka being our most common, however, we’ve also made batches with Rum, Bourbon (never whiskey), and Brandy.  We also have limited, vanilla extracts in double and some triple strength.  We do use our Madagascar vanilla beans in making our single and double strength vanilla paste, and our vanilla bean powder.  Madagascar vanilla beans are also infused in our sugars, maple syrup and honey.  All are found on our website at or find our booth at several local vendor events, and we’re also Pride of Dakota and we’ll have a double booth this December 2 & 3, 2023.  If your local, save shipping and contact me to shop here. 

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