Our signature line of vanilla products are crafted from the finest, hand-selected beans and trusted by passionate bakers.

Nut Butters: Plain and specialty butters with every nut and seed, spiced and fruit bits added

Made fresh when ordered, all types of nuts and seeds, without preservatives (so store in your refrigerator).  Blends are made with spices, coconut, mix of nuts and seeds, even fruits.  Try on waffles, upgrading the traditional PBJ, with your favorite nuts into a spreadable butter.  We only ship during winter months, so this is a seasonal product, because of shipping in hot trucks during hot summer months, would melt and spoil these fresh nut butters.  Add to a smoothie, add into a batter bread or muffin recipe.  What an amazing upgrade to peanut butter cookies (with any nut butter).
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