What is Gourmet?

Mar 03, 23
What is Gourmet?

Gourmet food, is any food of high quality and/or rarity, crafted to deliver exquisite taste and presented in a pleasing fashion.  The characteristic of a gourmet, especially in involving or purporting to involve high-quality or exotic ingredients and skilled preparation.  To be gourmet is to have a combination of a special or rare ingredient, to have it prepared to the utmost culinary standards, and to be presented on the plate in a beautiful offering to the diner.

If you are, or know someone who is, a Gourmet Chef, they may be interested in our Gourmet Vanilla and spices.  Please, share this to them.  http://GourmetVanillaSpice.com 

If your not a Gourmet Chef, perhaps one of the categories below, fits you.

Do you have a favorite family recipe?  Have you tried making it with a lower end ingredients. Such as the difference between real butter, and margarine or Crisco.  It does make a difference in the resulting taste. 

Are you in business with your own bakery?  Do you make specialized cakes?  What about a wedding cake baker?  Where the ingredients are even more important as it improves your products for sale.  Maybe you're a chocolatier   or a pastry chef.

Do you like to enter contests, perhaps a chili bake off, or for BBQ ribs, or even a 4-H or FFA entry, especially at the State Fair. 

And are you on a diet program with prepared meals?  They don't always have the best flavor, rather bland.  So adding a special ingredient could bring the flavor up, and the difference between success by enjoying the flavor of your diet foods, or failure because you can't stick with the blandness. 

What about impressing that fussy never able to be impressed relative at the next family reunion.  A high end, gourmet quality ingredient may be just the ticket to that recipe you'll be making to impress the fussiest of families.

And of course, what a special gift to a newly married couple, especially if they enjoy cooking and baking.  It also makes a great gift to that hard to buy for relative who has everything. 

So, what's one of the answers to this need for a higher end ingredient?  To be seeking the top end ingredients, a true Gourmet ingredient.  Let me introduce you to Gourmet Vanilla 'n' Spice.  Our ingredients are the top line, gourmet grade A vanilla beans with top shelf spirits.  Our extract flavors are with organic ingredients and top shelf spirits.  Our spice blends follow authentic recipes from around the world.  Imported fresh spices, which we roast ourselves, then grind them, and blend them.  The freshness you won't find on a grocery store shelf.  Our  Rooibos teas are imported from South Africa, and herbs blended into wonderful flavors with amazing aroma and health benefits. 

Why so many flavors to choose from?  Because you don't have only one spice in your cabinet, why do you have only one generic grocery store vanilla?  Even your favorite brand that you think is a great brand, isn't what you believe it to be.  Doesn't it add water in their ingredient list?  Are you aware when they market it as a gluten-free variety, that ALL vanilla's are gluten-free, so you as the consumer, are being mislead to pay more for the gluten-free label?  Because our vanilla's are pure top quality with top shelf spirits, and no added water, nothing is added, no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.  And the difference between using a gourmet grade A quality vanilla beans, and especially those from exotic places that are very hard to obtain.  Add to this, the precision with making the vanilla extracts that strictly follows FDA standards, from how they are cut, how they are processed, how they take a full year to fully develop the flavor.  Now you have the makings of a truly gourmet ingredient for whatever your special reason is. 

So, take out a favorite cake, ice cream, brownies, cookies recipe.  Order one of the more exotic vanilla's.  When it arrives, smell the wonderful aroma, test it, by adding a few drops to about a 1/ 4 cup of whipped cream.  Stir, let it sit a few minutes for the flavors to blend, now taste your vanilla choice.  Don't settle for commercial vanilla.  These are made grinding up the vanilla beans, using a very low grade alcohol similar to a moonshine, cooking this mash to produce a quick vanilla at a very low price.  Remember, you get what you pay for.  Just because a brand name has been around for a long time, doesn't mean it's the highest quality, and certainly not Gourmet standards.

Now what about that large vanilla you bought down in Mexico at a very low price?  The label says it's pure vanilla.  However, Mexico doesn't have any regulations to what pure is, not like the USDA and FDA we have here in the USA.  What we have learned, is although Mexico sells vanilla beans, the large bottle is actually artificial vanilla, and FDA testing has found a carcinogen in these vanillas, causing a health risk to the consumer.  https://abcnews.go.com/Health/Healthday/story?id=6157423&page=1 AND Mexican vanilla contains coumarin, a substance that causes liver and kidney failure.  https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/vanilla-iced/  YES, you do get what you pay for.  Low prices in a large bottle, simply isn't a quality, true, or even safe flavoring.  It shouldn't even be called a vanilla extract.

Gourmet Vanilla 'n' Spice has our Diamond Collection, exclusively  high end vanilla beans, currently from Tonga and Hawaii.  Coming will be Samoa and True Tahitian. 

Our Diamond Collection Gourmet Hawaiian vanilla extract has Bold vanilla hints of tropical fruit. Exotic, floral, pollinated by Melipona bees. Harder to obtain. An exquisite vanilla. Made with Vodka or White Rum, and Double Strength available. One of the most difficult vanilla beans to obtain. Holiday baking extracts for pies. Splash a drop or two in your salmon or mahimahi glaze while it's on the grill to add a sweet, tropical taste. It will make a vanilla sugar that is entirely new and can be converted into a powder with many applications.

Our Diamond Collection Gourmet Tongan vanilla extract has one of the most sought-after vanilla beans in the world.  A regular choice for professional chefs and are used in 5 star restaurants around the world. 

An exquisite, bold vanilla with a floral aroma & notes of cherries & sweet fruits, earthy fig raisin.  Flavor bold fruity in fruit desserts, sweetness in breads and creams, Pies, Danish, fruit tarts.

Our Diamond Collection Gourmet True Tahitian (not simply the tahitian variety) will be coming soon, and Samoan was very hard to obtain, so this one will be available for the 2023 Holiday baking season.  Watch, Learn, Choose, Order at http://GourmetVanillaSpice.com

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