Mar 12, 23

We have decided to lower prices on our Flavoring Extracts, all 75 flavors, from the old price of $17.85 down to ONLY $10.00 now.  This is while current inventory lasts.  Several items will be phased out.  We have flavorings for baking, cooking, chocolates, ice creams, marinate, glazes, adding to coffee, smoothies, making ice cream flavors, flavoring whip cream.  We have Amaretto, Kahlua for coffees with a few other flavors for your favorite hot brew.  We have nuts, vegetables, fruits, spices, berries, there are so many flavors to choose from.  Use to flavor cookies, batter breads, muffins, and so man more applications. 

AND we've lowered the price on all the Vanilla extracts, all 28 varieties down 10%.  This is a huge drop, considering many companies only offer 3-5% drop on price.  Because vanilla beans are the 2nd highest price spice in the world.  Several varieties are as high as $60/ounce!  Do, read about the various flavor profiles of each type of vanilla extract.  It does make a difference if your using the vanilla for ice cream, baking, marinate or glaze on meats, cooking, with chocolates.  We've also introduced a few in a larger size bottle.

Don't forget to look through our spice blends from authentic recipes around the world.  And our Rooibos teas we flavor, from the tea of South Africa, the health benefits are amazing!  Read more about it in our Blog posts.

We are NOT going out of business, simply reducing inventory to make room for next season's bottling.

Share to our friends & family, anyone who loves to cook, grill, bake.  Professionals love these vanillas.  Gourmet Vanilla 'n' Spice follows FDA standards, no artificial flavors or sweeteners or colors added.  Non GMO, Gluten Free and flavors used organic ingredients.  No water filler, only top shelf spirits for the best flavor enhanced results. 

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  • I have used vanilla extract Papua New Guinea and really love how pure the vanilla flavor is in my baking . It adds just the perfect BURST of flavor to my cupcakes and muffins. She has so many wonderful flavors to choose. The Rooibos teas are fantastic too! She has so many fantastic spice blends for one to experiment with. I really enjoy her products they are Gluten free and non GMO.

    - Sue Bitz posted Sep 01, 2023

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